Name: Wencong
D.O.B: 29.12.88
School: Temasek Poly

Quiet and kind
Empathetic and humble
Affectionate with those i know well
Work hard at avoiding conflict and adaptable
Enjoy the present moment
Sensitive to criticism



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    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    It stir up my feeling and break my heart to hear what you say.

    Will you ever think of me at;
    11:57 AM

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    I have deleted the previous three posts.
    For those who have see those, forget about it.

    I won't blog anything regarding you.
    NO MORE!

    Will you ever think of me at;
    2:37 AM

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    29/4/09 Wed

    Meet up with angel to get our pay.
    Like finally!
    I love money! haha
    Who don't?

    Saw jonavan while on the train.
    Turned out we are headed to the same place.
    Talked abit on the train.

    30/4/09 Thurs

    Meet up with bk to get HIS pay cause promised him to accompany him le.
    But kel and mel not at office so need to wait as MR NBK doesnt trust the bank.

    So in the end, find a place to lunched and went over simlim to walk around.
    After that, went back to get his pay and he accompany me back to Tp to get my graduation attire.
    I brought it!
    HEHE! =>

    1/5/09 Fri

    This week at Plaza Sing.
    I got a lot of feeling at Plaza Sing.
    Well, lets just say i have alot of wonderful memories happened here.

    Working there, i hate it.
    Not much sales and i don't like the working environment there.
    Think about it!
    Who will go down Plaza Sing during public holiday to get a printer back home?!!
    All i saw is youngsters wearing damn nice ready for club at night.
    Enough complaining

    2/5/09 Sat

    3/5/09 Sun
    Was supposed to work.
    But got a very terrible stomachache in the morning so never go work.

    Angel called.
    So went down T1 to have lunch with her and bk.
    Went say cheese
    Ordered grilled fish and i hate it.
    Not very nice! I don't like fish. but don't know why i ordered that. lol

    After lunch, bk went back to work.
    I sent angel back and went to my grandma's house.

    4/5/09 Monday
    Slacked at home.
    Only went out to school to get my toolbox with bk in the afternoon.
    Nothing much!!!


    Im too tired this few days that i forgot to do something
    If you know who you are, im sorry!

    Will you ever think of me at;
    5:46 PM

    Saturday, May 02, 2009

    I don't know what is your intention,
    but i don't like it.

    Will you ever think of me at;
    1:20 AM

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    17/4/09 Friday

    Went to grandma's house for dinner.
    Quite some time never go le.
    Missed my grandma's cooking and of course the cute little yijie. LOL

    Oh ya.
    I think i haven recommend the cute yijie in my blog.

    Here you go!
    My cute little cousin.

    *This pic is super cute!! =>

    Anyway after dinner,
    received a call from someone

    This person hor, super last min la.
    Last min ask me go help her buy office wear.
    But cant blame her la.
    She also last min know

    So the kind heart me agreed to help her but i still pull hao out to accompany me.
    Hahaha. If not very ps.
    So both of us meet and went a few places to check out office wear for girls.
    Kinda awkward.
    But still get it in the end.
    Went walked around again and went home le.

    18/4/09 Saturday

    This week was deployed to Compass point Best denki

    First time working there.
    Kinda sian at first
    Cause i don't like to go to a new environment.
    But no choice. HAHAHA =D

    But still got know a few promoters there.

    Jinyong (turned out to be jintai's bro that i know during IT fair)
    Hanxiang(Canon's promoter)
    (Acer's promoter) Forgot her name but she asked me to just call her Bee hoon.
    Darren (Mac's promoter)

    Lunch break was with them.
    And frank msg-ed and asked me whether want go st james tonight.
    Never go before so agreed.

    Didnt expect that darren (mac's promoter) was going too.
    So after work, straight cab home to change and went to meet frank and hao at outram park.

    Then went to st james.
    At first was kinda bu xi guan the environment.
    but after a while jiu ok le. Think was inside too early le.
    That's why still quite little people.
    Find a cozy corner and stand there.
    Ordered some drinks.
    Alcohol + music and dancing.
    Pretty fun! can relax.

    As more people started to come in,
    i saw some familiar faces as well.
    Saw ruties and kahying.

    Left the place at around 4+
    And slack around harbourfront centre till the first train arrived.
    Didnt accompany frank and hao for breakfast at tamp cause gonna go back and sleep for a few hours.

    Gonna work at 12pm.
    In the end, only slept for 2 hours.

    Lucky got one angel wake me up,
    if not gone case! haha

    Anyway woke up, went to work.
    but still not bad wor.
    Sales : 6

    Lunch break with hanxiang.
    And i saw this

    Don't know what show lai de.

    20/4/09 - 21/4/09

    Been running around woodlands and tamp.
    Hahahaha =>

    Someone told me the same thing that you used to told me.
    Why do i always hear the same thing?
    Can i choose not to?

    Its not the first time
    and still i don't know what i should do.
    I'm afraid that the same thing will happen again
    or maybe it will not.

    Will you ever think of me at;
    12:20 AM

    Thursday, April 16, 2009


    Yesterday was supposed to meet hao and frank at TM to watch sniper.
    But i overslept and so we meet around 3 instead of 12.

    I felt like singing out of a sudden and so we went to ehub to sing k instead of movie.
    Lucky me, both of them are those "anything" type. =>

    Applied for kbox membership, their new membership card so cool.
    More classy then the one bk have. LOL

    Sing sang sung at the top of our voice! haha.

    After that decided to go tampines1 to have our dinner since i haven been there yet.

    While waiting for bus, frank's "daughter" messaged him to "test" him. Haha
    Turned out hao became the person she don't like.
    And the three of us became tom, dick and harry.
    LOL =>
    It was funny.
    Whats more funny is that frank tot that the two different angels are actually the same one. Haha.

    Anyway we went to tampines1.
    Hao saw hibiki and never told me about it.
    Haizz. so sad. HAHA

    But tampines1 was cool. Great place to shop and alot of nice food and stuffs at the basement.
    After dinner and some walking around.
    Home sweet home le.

    Very very tired.
    But still need wait for someone to go sleep first. Lol

    Today whole day at home.

    8/3/09 - 10/3/09

    Genting Trip!

    Will you ever think of me at;
    1:27 AM

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